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Do you have pixelation on your screen or a flickering picture ?
There could be many reasons for these issues. Before you waste money buying equipment you may not need ( only to find out the same problem still exists ) have one of our technicians conduct an onsite signal test.

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Is your existing antenna causing you issues? Tired of bad reception and pixelation?
Or do you need to upgrade to an antenna that suits your area and purpose?
We have a range of antennas for your area and requirements.
Ask our advice!
A broken antenna bad connections or a faulty wall plate are items that may be in need of replacement in order to receive great pictures, our installers can set up the correct TV antenna for your area any height and design roof can be catered for we can install them all.

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Why have a flat screen TV restricting space in your room when you can have it wall mounted and up out of the way!
You’ve just purchased a flat screen TV or already have one, so why have your viewing investment on a unit when you can have it wall mounted out of the reach of young children or animals.
Think of the improved floorspace and the modern look of a wall mounted screen in any of your rooms! We specialise in mounting flat screen televisions and ancillary equipment. And hiding the cables for that clean professional look.

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An additional television outlet in any room may solve your viewing problems and can normally be connected to your current antenna system.
Antenna and Data technicians can install as many outlets as required anywhere in your residence.
So call us today and do away with those troublesome indoor portable antennas.

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Confused about settop boxes?
Not sure of the difference between standard and high definition?
Do you need one?
A standard definition settop box can be connected to your current analogue TV and give you a better picture and more channels.
We will set you straight about high definition and standard definition settop boxes, and evaluate your equipment and recommend and install a new digital settop box if required.

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Recently purchased a home theatre and don’t know how to connect it all ?
Let our trained installers take the work out of your hands and install the equipment and show you how to use it.
These days setting up new equipment can be difficult especially if you don’t have the correct cables and those manuals can be confusing. We can setup your home theatre out of the box run wires through wall cavities and wall mount your flat screen TV if required.

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An additional phone point in any room may solve your internet or office worries.
We can install as many phone points as required in your residence or small office  by our qualified technicians.
So call us today and let us solve your congested home phone needs.

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If you need reliable digital TV antenna installation in Melbourne, you can count on the experts at Antenna and Data! When it comes to installing a TV antenna, it’s best to trust a professional technician for the job. We are proud to offer affordable and high quality digital antenna installation service for Melbourne homeowners.

At Antenna and Data, our business is the installation of quality television antennas and related products and services involving television viewing for homes and small offices throughout Melbourne. Antenna and Data provides a wide range of solutions from digital TV antennas, digital set top boxes and additional TV points to home theatre installations as well as the correction of reception issues. For proficient TV antenna installations and TV antenna repairs, Melbourne residents rely on Antenna and Data!

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Do you need help with TV antenna installation in Melbourne? Our team of professional installers are highly trained and have many years of experience repairing and installing TV antennas for Melbourne households and businesses. We ensure to only use the best tools and products for all our installation and repair services, while also providing a ten-year warranty for all parts and workmanship.

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Over the years, we have built a great standing as one of Melbourne’s top services for digital TV antenna installations. Our professionals have experience repairing and installing antennas for several TV of various sizes and brands. With professional installers, cost-effective rates and exceptional customer service, we guarantee you won’t find a better antenna installation provider than Antenna and Data! When you need proficient digital TV antenna installation services, Melbourne’s best is Antenna and Data.

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Looking for TV antenna repairs in Melbourne that you can trust? Get in contact with the experts at Antenna and Data today on 0407732739 for assistance with an enquiry or a quote for our services! We service customers in the Melbourne metropolitan area and up to 100km from the Melbourne CBD.

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